South Carolina families are saying “Yippee for HIPPY!” - SC First Steps

South Carolina families are saying “Yippee for HIPPY!”

Families are saying, “Yippee for HIPPY!” HIPPY stands for Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters, an evidence-based parenting program offered by nine First Steps Local Partnerships. Enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is now open for parents and caregivers of four-year-olds.

For 30 weeks, parents receive the tools to be their child’s first teacher and take an active role in preparing their child for Kindergarten. Each week, families receive a visit from a HIPPY Parent Educator with storybooks and other materials designed to strengthen their child’s cognitive, literacy, social-emotional, and physical development.  

HIPPY Parent Educators receive specialized curriculum training for each home visit. Participating Local First Steps Partnerships will enroll 126 families for the 2021-22 program year. The application is open to all families of 4-year-olds, but First Steps 4K families are especially encouraged to participate. Click here to learn more about the HIPPY program in South Carolina or click here to enroll.

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