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Local Partnerships

Across the state in every county, First Steps works to ensure that every child has the opportunity to benefit from quality early childhood programs. Through a network of 46 county partnerships, each a local nonprofit, we offer direct services to families and caregivers, share knowledge of community resources and referrals, and mobilize partners in building a more efficient and effective early childhood system.

Find the SC First Steps Local Partnership Near You

Wherever you are in South Carolina, there's a local partnership nearby. Contact your local partnership to find out how we can help you and your family get connected to the resources you need.

Local people, local decisions, local impact.

Our partnership structure gives local leaders the ability to operate in a way that best meets the needs of local families. Because each community is different, each First Steps partnership tailors its programs and activities based on a local determination of needs and resources.

To facilitate their success, we hold local partnerships accountable for meeting rigorous programmatic, operational, financial, and administrative standards. Through a team of dedicated program officers, we provide each partnership with technical assistance, consultation, professional development opportunities, and comprehensive support.