Staff - SC First Steps

Mark Barnes

Director of Administration

Derek Cromwell

Chief Partnership Officer

Martha Strickland

4K State Director

Betty Gardiner

Director of Grantmaking and Development

Beth Moore

Communications Director

Karen Oliver

ECAC Program Manager

Chelsea Richard

Director of Research and Strategy

Kaitlyn Richards

Government Affairs Liaison

Jonathan Artz

Program Officer

Amanda Bailey

4K Coach

Laura Baker

ECAC Communications Coordinator

Iris Ballen-Morant

AmeriCorps Parent Educator-HIPPY

Felicia Battle

4K Coach

Gina Beebe

Director of Parenting Programs

Emma Boswell

Strategic Impact Intern

Jasmine Brooks

AmeriCorps Member Experience Leader

Sharon Bruton

4K Coach

Tekethia Burrell

Business Manager

Brittany Bush

4K Administrative Assistant

Annie Cherry

Senior Local Partnership Fiscal Manager

Lakecia Clemons

LP Fiscal Manager

Nekim Clinton

ECAC AmeriCorps Member

Jabari Clyburn

Local Partnership Communications Coordinator

Angelica Coppin

4K Fiscal Manager

Kerry McIver Cordan

Program Officer

Cierra Crosby

4K Administrative Assistant

Monique Dammond

4K AmeriCorps Member

Tracy Darby

Fiscal Specialist

Chastine Dickey-Jackson

4K Coach

Elizabeth Dudek

Development Officer

LaMyra Sanders Dukes

Program Officer

Cindy Ellis

4K Coach

Micah Ely

4K Administrative Assistant

Amy Engle

4K Coach

Chase Fiedor

4K Intern

Liz Frazier

Procurement Coordinator

Kathy Fitzgerald

Local Partnerships Administrative Coordinator

Cindy Galloway

4K Coach

Benjamin Gibson

4K Administrative Assistant

Stacy Greenwalt

4K Coach

Lis Guimaraes

Parenting Program Coordinator

Rachal Hatton-Moore

Two-Generation Coordinator

Hannah Hayes

Front Desk Administrative Assistant

Kenna Hoover

4K Coach

Darcy Huffman

4K Administrative Lead

Amira Hulwe

Communications Intern

Samantha Ingram

4K Outreach Coordinator

Carletta Isreal

Program Officer

Kristine Jenkins

4K Manager

Valencia Johnson

Volunteer and Service Learning Manager

Valerie Johnson

Local Partnership Fiscal Manager

Alexis Jones

Evaluation Coordinator

Avian Jones

Executive Assistant

Beth Kienzlen

Database Administrator

Janice Kilburn

Program Officer

Myrelo King

Data Governance Coordinator

Mattie Mack

AmeriCorps Member

Kristen Martocchio

4K Coach

Joy Mazur

4K Manager

Rhina Medina

Social Work Field Placement Student

Ty'Keith Mickens

AmeriCorps Parent Educator-HIPPY

Kaitlyn Molnar

Procurement Intern

Tiffany Outlaw

4K Coach

Veronica Owens

AmeriCorps Parent Educator-HIPPY

Rogers Pender

Child Care Quality Coordinator

Shayla Pettigrew

4K Manager

SheKiah Reese

4K Coach

Kate Roach

Early Care and Education Team Lead

Delores Rock

Parenting Program Coordinator

Cheryl Scales

Parenting Program Coordinator

Heather Short

Administrative Intern

Lavinia Tejada

Director of Finance and Audit

Kim Trudell

4K Coach

William "BJ" Tucker

Information Resource Manager

Jennifer Williams

4K Coach

Jade Wright

Program Officer

Dorian Young

4K Coach

AmeriCorps service members are an integral part of our team. To learn more about national service at SC First Steps, visit Americorps