FY2019-2020 Overarching Measures of Success

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Local Partnership Formula Funding Allocation

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This infographic provides Formula Funding Allocation by County for FY22.

What is KITS?

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KITS (Knowledge, Information, and Teaming System) is an online program and case management system designed to support the implementation and monitoring of South Carolina First Steps local partnership and 4K programs. KITS will be used by teams of state staff, local program administrators, practitioners, and families to address a variety of program and case data management needs.

Estimated percent of four-year-olds in poverty not served by CERDEP or Head Start

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Annually, the Education Oversight Committee reports on the uptake of state-funded 4K in South Carolina. One aspect of this report we find incredibly valuable is Appendix D, which estimates the number of four-year-olds not served by Head Start or CERDEP in each school district. This fact sheet maps and reports the numbers from the 2021 report.