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SC Profile of the Ready Kindergartner

All children are ready for kindergarten when they are five years old by September 1 of that school year. But kindergarten readiness is more than a matter of age. For a strong start in school, children need positive relationships and supportive learning environments beginning at birth. It is our responsibility as families, caregivers and communities to nurture the health and development necessary for school success.

South Carolina’s Profile of the Ready Kindergartner describes the physical, cognitive, social and emotional signs of school readiness. Because each child develops differently, each child will be ready in different ways. That is why schools and educators must also be ready: prepared to meet the individual needs of students at all levels of readiness and provide whatever support and services are needed for a quality kindergarten experience.

Profile of the Ready Kindergartner (English)
Profile of the Ready Kindergartner (Spanish)

Printable flyer (English)
Printable flyer (Spanish)

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