Training and Professional Development - SC First Steps

Training and Professional Development

Certified and registered training hours for the early childhood workforce

Evidence Based

Our affordable, high-quality professional development offerings are certified through SC Endeavors and include topics in the areas of nutrition, health and safety, curriculum, child guidance, and program administration.

This map only shows programs funded by South Carolina First Steps. For more information about services available in your area, contact your local First Steps partnership.

Who it Serves

Child care directors and early educators

Early care and education providers

Opportunities for early childhood teachers, paraprofessionals, and program directors

How It Works

Registered and certified trainers provide high-quality training to child care provider staff.

Professional Development

Learning experiences for early childhood professionals

Target Outcomes

Child care training programs aim to advance the early care and education profession, creating pathways to success for early childhood educators and the children and families they serve.

More Programs in Early Care & Education

Early Care & Education

Quality Enhancement

Intensive support to child care centers, Head Start and preschool classrooms to improve quality

Early Care & Education

Quality Counts

Quality Counts is a community-based child care quality improvement strategy, designed to build and sustain high quality in early care and education programs.

Early Care & Education

Child Care Scholarships

Eligible children receive tuition-free enrollment at quality child care centers

Early Care & Education

Child Care

Providing local families with access to high-quality early care and education.

Early Care & Education

Early Head Start

Nationally, Early Head Start programs serve over 160,000 children and pregnant women annually.

Early Care & Education

First Steps 4K

First Steps 4K offers free, full-day four-year-old kindergarten to qualifying children in South Carolina. We partner with more than 270 licensed child care centers and private schools across the state, making it easy for families to find a high-quality program that meets their needs.

Early Care & Education

Enhanced Early Education

The Enhanced Early Education strategy seeks to enhance education services offered by early childhood classrooms.